Understanding ADHD: Our Long and Winding Journey to the Summit

Published in ADDitude magazine in Sept. 2021: https://www.additudemag.com/understanding-adhd-journey-accept-child-diagnosis/

September 2021

by Megan Taylor Stephens

My husband and son make an annual short climb up Black Butte in central Oregon. Usually, they ascend the little mountain easily — it’s just over 6,000 feet in elevation — and it’s clear skies for miles.

Not long ago, however, they found themselves in white-out conditions. They lost the trail and had no winter clothes or water, so they had to turn back just short of the peak. I had carefully packed an emergency backpack for them, but they had left it in the car. They came back home a little beat up, quite frozen, and slightly rattled. They learned their lesson that day: Always expect the unexpected. And that’s generally how we have approached raising our kids, notably our son.

A Spirited Child – and Cheerful Denial

As an infant, our son was in a perpetual state of motion and agitation. He was constantly spitting up and wriggling in discomfort. He only slept in short bursts, and had trouble nursing. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, they weren’t kidding when they said babies are intense.”

He was also able to run at 9 months old. I remember thinking this was an auspicious sign that he’d grow up to be sporty, just like me. I also noticed that he was so much more spirited than other babies. They sat like placid lumps of dough on their parents’ laps in the play groups we’d attend. He did not.

When I had my second child, a girl, I thought to myself, “Wait, is my girl calm or is my boy active?” Their energy levels were so different. I wondered if something was wrong with one or the other.

When my son was 3, we had to lock away all the dining room chairs because he had stacked them up, climbed over them, undid the many locks on the front door, and escaped for the great outdoors. “Geez, toddlers definitely deserve the bad rap they get — what rapscallions!” I thought. On my shopping list, I wrote: Baby locks for cabinets. Safety plugs for outlets.

The daycare teacher said our boy was a handful. But friends and acquaintances said that that’s just how boys are. I taught in schools myself and could think of many calm male students. But which was the exception: the calm ones or my decidedly not-calm kid?

A Pre-K parent was upset when my son intentionally stepped on his child’s fingers and made him cry during playtime. I had my kid apologize, but I secretly thought that the other kid seemed unusually sensitive.

In kindergarten, the teacher said our boy was a busy little beaver, always building things with blocks and needing encouragement to play with others. I thought, “He a creative little genius, that’s why. And the other kids are probably boring.”

In the first grade, the teacher told us that our boy never followed directions, behaved recklessly, and was otherwise far from her behavior expectations for the classroom. What did we do? We got him out of that “rigid school.”

Climbing the Mountain

Though we eventually and reluctantly brought up these concerns to the pediatrician, he insisted that it couldn’t be ADHD. He’d seen ADHD, and this wasn’t it, he said.

But at around age 7, our son started to say things like, “I’m not a good listener. I’m a bad learner.” Our hearts dropped at these comments. Something was wrong. We had seen and heard enough concerning behavior, and we had to turn this around.

We brought him in for testing at a specialized clinic, and the results confirmed what had been glaringly obvious. He “passed” these screenings with flying colors and got his ADHD diagnosis.

I’ve seen quite a few other families, both professionally and personally, whose path toward enlightenment about ADHD has been equally full of detours, dead ends, and road construction signs. Some of them were told to go down the trail of, “It’s not ADHD; it’s sensory integration disorder. Or food sensitivity. Or “maladaptive daydreaming.” Or bad parenting.

Though these could explain some of what was going on for them, ultimately, all roads led to ADHD. And I think the years it took to get the diagnosis did a degree of damage to the psyches of the families and children alike. Without an appropriate diagnosis, you grasp at straws for how to make life easier and better for everyone involved.

I try not to proselytize about ADHD, but I certainly try to explain its symptoms when it comes up because I’ve found that people’s understanding of it is often incomplete. They erroneously believe that any kid who can play videogames for hours couldn’t possibly have ADHD. They think that if a kid is intelligent, that must counter-indicate ADHD. Or they believe that their girl doesn’t have ADHD because she doesn’t have glaring behavioral problems.

Reaching the Summit

I am thankful that we got a fairly early and accurate diagnosis for our kid. It turned around his poor self-esteem and helped him understand that he’s not damaged; he’s just neurodevelopmentally unique. Of course, it’s not all rosy. He is quite aware of the challenges that come with ADHD. That said, for many years, he has worn his ADHD badge with pride. He thinks it gives him superior curiosity, determination, productivity, and enthusiasm. He is not wrong.

We wear our “Parents of an ADHD Child” badge with pride as well. We’ve been on quite a journey. We can look back with amazement and humor at all the bush whacking we tackled through overgrown paths and all the times we had to give up and turn around just shy of some summit. We still find ourselves in white-out conditions at times, but our map skills have improved over the years, and we don’t leave behind our emergency supplies. We may be a little cold, scraped up and mud-splattered, but we have made it to the mountaintop of understanding.

Hunkering Down with my 1983 Diary (Season 1, Episode 6, Season Finale)

“Real Moody”

by Megan Taylor Stephens

“I told Shelli that I was starting to like him.”



I got mixed up on dates of what we did, so I’ll start over. On this Thanksgiving weekend (from Thurs. to Sun.) Tim, Shelli, and I did many things together. We saw the movie “Never Cry Wolf” and “Prodigal.” The Prodigal was a little religious, but it was meaningful. Never Cry Wolf was a true story, but also with a little comedy. We liked it. We all planned to TP Molly that night at 12:30. Shelli and I snook out and waited here, and waited at Tim’s house, and waited everywhere – but he didn’t show up. Shelli and I were “gravely” disappointed, and went to bed.

The next day we talked to Tim, and made another “date” just to “bullshit” around. He crawled up to my window (there is a way to do it – which is hard) and opened the window. After waking me up, I woke up Shelli, and we all snook out the back door (since that’s the only way [to] get back in). We walked around for half an hour smoking sevolc [“cloves” spelled backward as a disguise]. Then we sat down under a little awning in a place hard to explain. We ended up sleeping and mumbling for 4 hours. It was fun. I slept like this on Tim [stick figure of me leaning back on his chest] and we traded places. I told Shelli that I was starting to like him. Now I gotta break up with Matt. I can’t hurt him or myself.



“Don’t ask anymore questions like that”



I broke up with him [Matt]. I heard by Ree [Marie] that he was real unhappy. I’m not too happy, either, but I think it’s best. Today Mom asked me if anything unusual happened at school and if I was still going with Matt. I guess she somehow found out. I didn’t feel like explaining everything so I just said no, we’re not and told her not to ask anymore questions like that.

I’m getting a perm right before X-mas vacation so I can “play” with it before school. I’m writing bad ‘cuz I’m using my electric blanket dial thing that has a tiny light in it to see. I’m sooo tired. ZZZZ


“It’s driving me bananas!”

Nov. 30, 1983


I’m starting to like Tim more. I try to be with him, and we’ve been around eachother often, but I don’t think he likes me anymore than a pretty good friend. I hope – and think – that I’m his best girl/friend. Although I’m tired and it is 10:19, I wanna read my good book “The Late Great Me.” I have been having homework up the butt (a lot of homework) lately. It’s driving me bananas!



“Maybe he and I will get sumthin’ going!”



I can’t wait until Jan. 13, 14, and 15 because Tim and I are going alone (ha ha) to the French Club ski trip. Shelli was gunna go, but can’t, so now only Tim and I will go with the other members of French class that we don’t know! Maybe he and I will get sumthin’ going! I doubt it, but…!

(To Be Continued)

To be continued in Season 2

Hunkering Down with my 1983 Diary (Season 1, Episode 5)

“Real Moody”

by Megan Taylor Stephens

“Do you like our ideas?”


Lundi – Monday


Tracy, Shelli, and I have decided what to do for our birthdays. On Friday the xx there will be a slumber party at Tracy’s house from 7:00 till 11:00 the next day. We will rent a VCR and see 2 movies: Outsiders and a scary one. There will be punch, popcorn or chips, ice cream, and 3 cakes to eat. Shelli will make Tracy a cake, Tracy will make me a cake, and I’ll make Shelli a cake! I’m going to make her a merry-go-round cake. She expects me to make her a regular one, so she’ll be surprised. Do you like our ideas? We’re inviting 12 people – all girls. I haven’t seen Matt in awhile or talked to him much. I wish he lived by me. His b-day is on the xx, and I got him a funny b-day card. I think I’ll get him a chocolate kiss since he said he wanted a kiss from me. He didn’t specify what kind! What should I get Shelli and Tracy? I just got done with [reading] Little Women and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Love, Meg

“I can’t wait to go to England”



Bonjour. It is 10:30 […] This morning Mom and I went out to breakfast. Then we went to Dr. Pribnow’s office and I got a shot of two that I didn’t have. After that we went to Dr. Smith’s office for my feet and knee. He took plasters of my feet so he could make things to slip into my shoes and tilt them more straight. We then went to get my passport picture. I look dumb in it – but I least I get to travel! I can’t wait to go to England next summer. Mom brought back a sample piece of toilet paper from England. It is just like was paper and wouldn’t absorb anything! I think I’ll bring my own supply of American t.p.!

Love, Rachey

“Marie is being mean”



Hi. The time is now 10:33. Today was Matt’s birthday. He is sweet 16. Is that for boys, too? My birthday is in 6 days. Shelli’s is tomorrow. We are going to dress punkish this week. I think it’s cool. Matt came over and I paid for us to see a movie called Running Brave. It was inspirational. Then he came over and ate dinner with us. His mom forgot about his birthday. She thought it was on the 15th. Marie is being mean and has been lately. She has been criticising me a lot in front of people. She made herself a miniskirt-dress thingy. I like it and want one. She’s real excited about Hawaii. I’d be, too!

L,M [Love, Megan]

“I’m sick of Mom”



I’m sick of Mom. All she does is nag, nag, nag… During lunch I hit my head on my locker and felt sick for the rest of the day. I suddenly got dizzy and a headache. The office has to get an o.k. by one of your parents before you leave, so they tried for an hour to while I slept on a cot. My eye was really red and some people thought I was stoned. I felt better when they reached Mom, but went home anyway. Matt and I don’t seem to be doing too well. He didn’t call today. Usually he does every day ‘cuz he has an alarm on his watch to call me. Oh well. We don’t usually have anything to say anyways. He’s so unexciting and plain. I shouldn’t complain, but… !

Tim and I are getting to be better friends now that I don’t like him for a B-friend. Matt & I have been going w/ eachother for a long time. On my birthday it will be a month… if I don’t break up w/ him. Should I?

L, Megan

“I refuse to think about it”

11-20-83 (age 14)


Sorry I haven’t written for so long. Tracy, Shell, and I had our little party on Fri. Two boys brought over 3 movies (Fast Times at Ridgemont High, 48 Hours and An Officer & a Gentleman) and we’d already rented Outsiders and Friday the 13th part III. It was pretty fun […] Shelli, Tim and I saw “The Prodigal.” It was kinda religious – but good. We had fun. I just got done watching “The Day After.” It was a nation-wide show about the effects of a nuclear war. I can’t believe it could happen. I refuse to think about it.


Megan Taylor

“How ‘mbarrassing!”

Novembre le 21, lundi


Bonjour! Salut! … There was a lot of talk about the show last night – “The Day After” at school au jourd’hui (today). I still don’t believe people would actually destroy so much life with nuclear war. It doesn’t help any situations or problems. I got my period during P.E. and had to come home to change. How ‘mbarrassing! I hope Ree’s enjoying herself [in Hawaii]. I’d be!

Love, Rach

To be continued…

Hunkering Down with my 1983 Diary (Season 1, Episode 4)

“Real Moody”

by Megan Taylor Stephens

“Halloween is coming up”



Hi. You are my 5th diary. I wonder how many more I’ll have. Do you like your name? Yes, it’s kinda corny.

Matt and I are doing pretty well. You can read about him in the previous diary, Dee Dee. He kisses kinda funny, but, oh well! After the speech club (leadership) after school he was there and came home with me. When I walked him to North where his mom would pick him up (in 10 minutes) we kissed and 3 girls my age yelled my name and started laughing. I’m expecting someone in school to embarrass me tomorrow! I’m embarrassed! Halloween is coming up in 6 days. I’m gunna be a bum. I’ve been everything except that. Matt’s birthday is on Nov. xxth, Shelli’s is on Nov. xx, and Tracy and mine is on the xxth! We should do something together. I wanna take Matt out to din-din, but I don’t really have the moolah!

Love, Meg



“His dreamboat has finally come”



That’s a nice nickname, don’t you agree? Tomorrow at school we are having a Halloween dress up day. Molly and I are both going to be punkers. She is gunna be a fake and crazy punker and I’m going to be a real one. It’s gunna be great. I talk to Matt on the phone every day. He’s really nice, but I think he actually likes me too much. He acts like his dreamboat has finally come and won’t ever go. Get me? I like him, though. In 4 more days I’m gunna be a bum for Halloween. It should be fun. There will be a dance manana morning before school. It’ll probably be dumb, but it needs support, so I’ll go.

Love, Rach

“It sounds corny, but it’s great”



I gotta hurry – it’s bedtime. Matt, Shelli and I went to Campus Life Haunted House last night. It was o.k. I only screamed once ‘cuz I was with Matt. We really get along good. He came over on his bike 2-day in the rain. It is about 7 miles. Whatta guy! I can’t explain how it feels when we hold and kiss eachother. I feel like we’re one person and warmth is everywhere. It sounds corny, but it’s great. We did this for 1 and a half hours last night. Poor Shelli sat her bored. She understands, though. Tomorrow is Halloween. I hope Shelli goes trick-or-treating w/ me. Bye, bye.

L, M [love, Meg]

“I played with our orchestra”



I wrote like this at school today. Don’t ask me why. I’ve been kind of down and moody lately. I should start thinking of happy things! I think that from now on I’ll write about the funniest thing that happens each day. Good idea… Shelli and Tim keep making fun of Matt and I. Whenever, in school, I brush my hair and stuff they tease me about Matt. They’re just joking, but I guess they don’t know how much I value their opinions on Matt. I liked Tim so long and was good friends with him so now it’s hard to be with him and talking about Matt. It is uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just me, though. See ya!!

P.S. There was a concert 2-night at school I played with our orchestra. Mom had to teach night classes at OSCI, but Chuckles came.

Luv, Meg

“Baby I’ma want you”



I’m listening to a song right now that Matt gave me. It’s called “Baby Ima Want You.” I really like it. I’m the only one home right now. Matt and I are doing pretty good. He acts kind of strange around a lot of people, though, so I like him best alone.

Tracy Zakes and Karin Peterson both like Tim. They both hang over and on him. He has said that he likes neither. The problem is that he leads girls on a little. He’s over-friendly. He says he doesn’t want a girlfriend for awhile. Now all he has to do is tell them that!

Right now my grades are: French – A, Soc. Studies – A, Orchestra – A, Health – A, Algebra – C, English – A, and Science – A. That “C” really disgusts me. I do try hard and turn in my assingments, at least. I DON’T have a mathematical mind, obviously. Mrs. Pratt says I’m just not self-confident. But how did I get unself-confident? By doing bad!

I have been real moody lately [the letter “o” was written as two crossed eyeballs like below]. Don’t ask me why. I think I need some attention. I’m getting plenty from Matt, though. Nice talking to you, Icky.

Love, Megan

M&M& M&M&M&M&M&M&M

To be continued…

Hunkering Down with my 1983 Diary (Season 1, Episode 3)

“Real Moody”

by Megan Taylor Stephens


DD [Dear Dear],

We’re going t.p.ing. Ta-ta!

Tim, Meg, Moll, Ree


We (Shelli & I) went T.P.ing again, same person.

Love, Meg.

“Shelli was about to have a heart attack”



Hi. I’m real tired, as you’d probably guess! On Thursday night Molly spend the night. Me and Molly expertly tumbled out of my window, met Tim, came in the back door, and had to tug at Marie to awaken her. Annie had a neck ache, so didn’t go. We left at 12:45 with 9 rolls of toilet paper headed for Kevin’s house. We snuck around, and got him real good. Then we got back at 2:30 expecting a greeting from Mom. Luckily, we didn’t get one. Shelli spend the night on Friday and we were expecting Eric and Kevin to get our house, so we decided to t.p. them again, this time with 7 rolls + the already picked up t.p. from the night before at their house. Shelli and I were really freaked out by ourselves, but made it. It was a really nice night and I enjoyed it while Shelli was about to have a heart attack.

We were kneeling by some bushes from a cop car, and saw a man across the street with a bat hiding too. When a car passed, he went on his merry way, tapping his bat. It was freaky watching another person hide!

So, my eyes are about to fall off from not enough sleep. Shelli and I went to Lancaster Mall today and I got my hair cut at supercuts. I, personally, like it. I didn’t take any off the length, but shortened the sides & top.

I’m not sure about this thing “betwixt” Matt & I. He likes me; I like him. But he lives way out there, it is embarrassing on the phone, and football games aren’t frequent enough or always at North. So, we don’t have a real definite future relationship!

Gotta go, Joe!

Love, Meg

“I haven’t danced much in my life time!”



I’m going to the homecoming game and dance with Matt on Thursday. I’ll pretend I’m from a different school, like South. I’ll be embarrassed to dance and stuff. I haven’t danced much in my life time! Matt says he hasen’t either. Good. I wonder when Matt will kiss me. We haven’t seen eachother much. All I get to do is walk past his room at North after French class. He has been calling me every night.

We got our pictures today. My hair looks terrible, but I look otherwise decent. I want re-takes though.

“I am embarrassed anyways”



Matt called last night and I think he implied about asking me to homecoming. Marie will call him to make sure. I hope he did, but I am embarrassed anyways. G’night!

Love, Megan

“I could feel his heart beating faster”



I’m writing during the day today because I’ve gotta tell you about last night it was great. O.K. Marie and I got back from Eugene with Dad at about 6:60 and I found Matt there waiting for me I didn’t expect him to be there so Marie and I quickly changed clothes and went to the homecoming game and dance it turned out that he was there [at my house] for an hour talking to mom and Chuck so I felt dumb and figured that Mom and Chuck knew him better than me well that quickly changed after a while during the end of the game he started holding my hand do you believe that North won it is the 1st homecoming game we’ve won in 3 years so everyone was jumping around and hyping out over our 12-9 lead then the game was over I only watched a little bit of it because I was looking at Matt Shelli left and we went to the dance it was pretty fun but I had a little headache because of the strobelights and it was about 100 in there from all the people we danced to about 3 fast dances and 3 slow ones we both preferred the slow dances he dances fast soo funny and awkward but that’s o.k. I’m not the best either we kissed and hugged eachother and held hands then it was time to call his dad to pick us up we were not thrilled to end the night everyone left but we went up a flight of stairs where nobody was and held eachother and kissed a little more I liked holding him better I could feel his heart beating faster but I was calm and slowed him down and it was great… I said this in one breath!

Today is Mom’s birthday. She is the big “40.” We (Marie & I) got Mom roses, balloons with “Happy Birthday, Linda” on them and a mug with a cat on it that says “sensuous woman.” I hope me and Matt work out!

Love, Megan

To be continued…

Hunkering Down with my 1983 Diary (Season 1, Episode 2)

“Real Moody”

by Megan Taylor Stephens

“Boy, was I embarrassed”


I just got back from a football game. We lost: 13-27. Darn. It was closer than usual, though! I hardly watched any of it. I was watching a guy – Matt Bonheur. He is really funny. Marie says we’d make a good couple. He’s a junior or sophomore – I forgot. Anyways, we joked around and goofed around. At the end of the game we took a victory lap around our new track. Matt is a fabulous runner. When Shelli left for home, I was stuck by myself with Matt and his friends. I wasn’t worrying, though, cuz actually he’s rather shy with girls. His friend joked around and said, “Should we leave you two alone?” and other stuff. Boy, was I embarrassed. I think I really like him. Maybe he even likes me! I haven’t liked a guy in years.

Let me tell you more about him. I guess he’s about 5’11”, has brown hair and weird brownish-blueish eyes. He was wearing dark glasses on, so I couldn’t tell ½ the time. He has a nice body and real strong legs. He has a great personality, too. But it’s hard to make real conversation w/ him cuz we mainly joke around. I think I really like him.

He lives out by Shelli, so when his dad was about to pick him up, he shook my hand, gave me a “peck” on the hand (jokingly) and said “It was real.” It seemed more like a dream! Marie kept glancing over at us during the game and laughing. She looked proud of me or sumthing. I wanted to kick her. He says he sees me every day at French when I go to North [Salem High School]. I’ll look for him next time: in the Health room on the right side.

Love, Meg

“I’d like one, or two, or three…”


On Sunday I unwillingly told Marie about Matt Bonheur. She said if I didn’t tell her, she’d ask him herself. So, I told her. Of course, she knew it was none of her business, but curiosity took the best of her! I told her not to talk to Matt, but she wrote him a note anyways. I’m glad she did. It said:

Marie: What do you think of my little sister?

Matt: I think she’s a really nice, super fun person with incredible eyes. (I almost died when I read it.)

It was fairly long, so I won’t write the rest except: he also said that he wanted to get to know me better, he wanted to know what I thought of him (here I was worried about him not liking me!), he was glad when Ree told him that I wanted to know him better, too. He said, “If they’ve gotten their pictures at Parrish [Middle School], I’d like one, or two, or three, or four, or… just kidding, I’d like one,” and wanted to know if I wanted one of him. Do I want one?!

So that was really surprising. I told Shelli, and we both almost died together.

“That isn’t a promising future”



I’m still thinking of Matt. I hope he’s thinking of me, too! But if we discovered that we did like eachother, how would we see eachother? He lives out at MacLeay [sic: McKay], by Shelli, and I could visit them then. The only time we’ve seen eachother is at the 2 football games. That isn’t a promising future, but I think about him all the time, and I like him A LOT!!

L, M [Love, Meg]

“I’m totally embarrassed”


Dee Dee,

I just had an exciting, absorbing conversation with Matt. Actually, it was a total flop. The conversation went something like this:

Hi, Megan? This is Matt (Matt)

Oh, hi, what are you doing? (me)

Nothing much… did you get my picture? (Matt)

No, but I got your note. (me)

Oh, well, tell Marie to give it to you, ‘kay? (Matt)

O.K. So, how’re ya doing? (me)

Fine. (Matt)

Do you wanna help me with my algebra? (I say desperately)

I guess. (Matt)

Get off the phone, Megan, I need to use it! (Marie)

Well, I’d better go, Marie wants to use the phone (me)

O.K., well, see ya tomorrow (Matt)

Yea, bye (me)

Actually, there were a lot of pauses somewhere in there, and a lot of “wells” and “uhs.” I’m totally embarrassed. Now what does he think of me? Not so great, huh? He doesn’t talk much on the phone, only [sic: or] in person either.

Gotta go try to finnish my math.

L, M

P.S. I’m getting a “C.”

To be continued…

Hunkering Down with my 1983 Diary (Season 1, Episode 1)

“Real Moody”

by Megan Taylor Stephens

“It’s so embarrassing”

9-5-83 [age 13]

DD [Dear Diary],

I’m gunna getta good night sleep 2-night. Tomorrow Molly, Julia, and Eric are coming over at 7:20 am to walk to school with Marie and I. We did it last year, too. Mom also sits there and makes us stand together so she can take a picture of all of us. It’s embarrassing when everyone is walking to school and we sit in the front yard saying “cheese”!

“I like to be different and unique”


Dee Dee,

Well, the 1st day of school [8th grade] was no biggie. Nothing but lectures. After school Molly and I rode to Razzle Dazzle and I got some wrapping paper and a lot of stickers for my locker. She got the same paper as me and a lot of [the] same stickers. It got me mad. I like to be different and unique—she just copies me.

“And that’s the story of the day”



There’s a real good song on right now. It’s about guys talking [to] girls about things. It’s usually the other way around. Yesterday I got a pair of shrink-to-fit Levi’s. I needed another pair. Tomorrow I’m getting a Generra jean jacket. I love it. Everyone else gets Levi’s jeans jackets, but Generras have class. Kelli Babb and Ree [Marie] are gunna get one too.

This morning Marie came in my room and – in a real fake, tuff voice – told me to get up and fight. She was just joshin’ around but she pretended [to be] mad. So she picks on me and hits me. I hit her back. She’s surprised about that. So she gets mad, and I do too, and we start fighting. I pin her down, then let go, and she left steel brush marks on my leg. She wouldn’t go out, but I slammed the door on her. She opens it again, I close it. She leaves. I try to open my door, and it’s stuck. I crawl out my window and it wouldn’t open from either way. Marie thought it was hilarious. So, when Chuck [Mom’s boyfriend] gets home he takes the door apart. Now it won’t ever close completely. And that’s the story of the day. Mom and I execised before bed. We’ll try to do it every night.

G’night, a bientôt! Love, Meg

To be continued…

The Pros and Cons of Masks

by Megan Stephens


  • Masks are hot and sweaty.
  • Masks make it hard to be a speech therapist.
  • Masks make me wonder if people are mumbling or I can’t hear.
  • Masks draw attention to bloodshot eyes, droopy eyelids, untended eyebrows, and wrinkles.


  • Masks are great for reducing the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Masks help with halitosis.
  • Masks let you make weird and inappropriate faces with your mouth.
  • Masks let you mouth curse words without anyone knowing.


Pop Quiz

by Megan Taylor Stephens

Welp, in-person school is back in session! Not sure how long this will last with all the positive COVID cases cropping up. For now, the teens go to high school down the street and I go to high school to teach in another neighborhood.

One member of our family is savoring the quiet and calm in the house. No disruptions to work all day long. One member of our family is looking miserable and neglected. No pettings and cuddles all day long. Booooooring.

Which one is over-the-moon delighted with this arrangement: A or B?

Ted Lasso: Aspiration vs. Reality

by Megan Taylor Stephens

It’s Friday night, the night when we watch the newest episode of Ted Lasso that comes out on Apple TV. This show has something for everyone. It’s a rare thing that everyone I know appreciates the same humor. This may go down as our all time favorite TV show.

The characters are pure yet complicated, authentic yet surprising. And what a range of personalities!

The Hubs recently said that he would love to be Roy Kent, but he knows in his heart that he’s Ted Lasso.

This made me think that I would love to be Rebecca Welton, but I’m pretty sure that I’m more Leslie Higgins mixed with Dani Rojas.

Do you like the show? Which are your Aspiration vs. Reality characters?