Hunker Down Thoughts (aka Totally Privileged Problems): Old Age Edition


In 2020, I started blogging about my hunker-down thoughts during the pandemic while home all day and questioning my sanity. After a writing hiatus, I have come to terms with the fact that I am still in a hunkered down mode and that my sanity is still very tenuous.

Why am I still hunkered down and slightly bonkers? Partly because I work from home now in my virtual job. I continue to wear loungewear from the waist down and don’t have sufficient interaction with the outside world, i.e., “The Outsiders.” But mostly because I am alarmed every day about my Rapid State of Aging. So that’s where we find ourselves—“we” meaning both my psyche and this unreliable vessel.

10/20/22 Entry:

Nothing makes you feel older than swapping notes with your friend about acid reflux. We have landed on the fact that we really shouldn’t eat anything with red sauce for dinner, like pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, and basically all delicious food. Those can only be on the lunch or breakfast menu now. We also can’t bend over at the waist because we can feel the acid rising up our throats. So we bend with the knees (though the knees are finicky too). And we should maybe do Kegels for our lax esophageal sphincters because we must have flaccid throats to go with Limp and Saggy everything else.

Cheers, y’all


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